Our Process


Redwood Coast Hemp Water is made with the utmost attention to taste, quality, consistency, and bioavailability. Using minimal processing and proprietary filtration and emulsification technology, our natural filtered water delivers high-quality, pharma-grade Hemp extract that goes to work immediately, with you every step of the way! Learn more about our process below.



Our Ingredients


Our recipe for great-tasting water is simple: just soft, oxygenated purified water and organic hemp-derived extract. The result is the freshest-tasting water we can offer with no additives, no preservatives, and absolutely no aftertaste. 



Our water is sourced locally from the heart of Humboldt County, CA, here in Fortuna. At over 200 feet below sea level, we are proud to say our water source is safe, local, and sustainable. After being purified and filtered using advanced granular activated carbon (GAC), Reverse Osmosis & Ozone filtration to prepare the water for optimum hydration!

Hemp Extract sourcing

We source our extract from organic, industrial hemp, grown in the United States under hemp pilot programs. Our Hemp extract is pharma-grade, 99.9% pure, and extracted without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. 



Our Technology



While our purified water is filtered thoroughly to remove any heavy metals or non-beneficial elements, we process our water very minimally, without the use of additives, preservatives, or any artificial ingredients whatsoever. All filtered waters are not created equal; we use a clean ozone filtration technique to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum waste. The result is fresh-tasting, natural purified water with absolutely NO cannabis smell or aftertaste. 



We use proprietary emulsification technology to infuse our purified water with nano-sized particles of Hemp extract encapsulated within the water molecules themselves. Because the body does not need to break them down to use them, the Hemp extract is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and tissues. Our emulsification process is extremely thorough; because of this, our water is not milky or cloudy like other Hemp waters, and the Hemp particles remain evenly distributed throughout the water.



Our Product


Organic & Plant-Based 

Our Hemp water is made with organic hemp extract, extracted naturally and processed minimally, with no additional additives or preservatives


100% Non-psychoactive

Our Hemp extract is 99.9% pure and 100% non-psychoactive, making it a powerful healing tool without any of the euphoric affects typically associated with cannabis


Locally produced

We source our water locally, filter and bottle our water in-house, and are proud to be bringing additional jobs and business opportunities to our community



Want to give it a try?

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