Our Mission


Redwood Coast water Co. was established in 2016 by lifelong Humboldt County residents with years of experience in farming, gardening, plant propagation, and water sciences. Seeing a need in the community for alternative healing methods, and having experienced firsthand the many positive benefits that Hemp extract has to offer, Redwood Coast Water Co. set out to create a line of Hemp extract-infused products designed to deliver the highest-quality isolate in a variety of accessible foods and drinks. 

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Our Goals


commit to QUALITY

We oversee the creation of everything we make from start to finish, ensuring that each and every Humboldt Known product is made with the utmost care and consistency. Our products are legal and safe to use, and we design each of our offerings -- from purified water to small-batch chocolates -- with our customers in mind. We are proud to service the community we call home, and are committed to providing our friends and neighbors with the highest quality Hemp extract-infused products we can.



We are firm believers in the natural healing properties of plant medicine, both from personal experience and from the dozens of testimonials we've received from our customers. As Hemp becomes a more popular wellness alternative, we pledge to keep spreading the word and educating our community on the benefits of this incredible medicine. Our goal is to develop products that deliver the finest quality pharma-grade Hemp extract, safely and effectively, to those who need it most. 



We live and work in one of the most naturally beautiful regions of the country, and Humboldt Known is proud to carry on the rich tradition of rural entrepreneurship that this county is known for. As the first certified cannabis business in Fortuna, our goal is to increase the number of jobs and additional business opportunities in our community, and working to make Humboldt a more sustainable place for all of us.

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Our Customers

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Our Products

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